Live Recordings

Below are a few of the live recordings that I have made over the years. The artists involved have granted me permission to put these players up on my site. I hope that you will enjoy listening to them.


Lex Grey and the Urban Pioneers

I first met Lex Grey in Daytona during BikeWeek a few years ago. These recordings were made the following June in Laconia, NH at the motorcycle rally there. 

Lex Grey and the Urban Pioneers are based in New York. Lex sings from the heart. The point of music is to transfer emotion. As far as I am concerned, if you can't do that you are just making noise. Lex makes very beautiful music.


Magda Hiller

Magda Hiller is a solo performer in Central Florida. She does an accoustic rocking folk set of original songs. I have had the pleasure of working with her several times over the past few years.

This recording was made a few years ago at the Deland Fall Festival of the Arts. I worked the main stage and heard a lot of very good original music primarily from Central Florida. Very shortly after Magda took the stage I slipped a CD into the recorder and punched that record button. I knew that the music was good, but I was amazed at the quality of the recording. Magda is another one that makes very beautiful music.


Live Music Sampler

The third player in this group is a sampler. There are songs from various artists that I have recorded mostly around Central Florida.

There are songs by all the artists from the other players in this section to date, plus a few other artists that I have run into along the way.

The Baker Commercial was put together by Bill Van Dyke. Bill has a twin Shovelhead Harley that he is taking to Bonneville again this year. After the run at Bonneville the bike will be auctioned off at the Love Ride in October. Baker Drive Train is one of the sponsers in this undertaking. Bill did the recording with very limited micing and I did what I could in post production to make it work.


Fire & Wheels

One of the acts performing at the Sturgis County Line this year (2008) was a band going by the name Fire & Wheels. I have known the bass player in the band, Dave, for many years because he was the former bass player in the Fried Brothers Band. Fire & Wheels is a versatile band doing mostly Country music with some Rock and Blues and even a Reggae tune. I recorded two shows and got permission to put some of the music up on the site.

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