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New Section Added to the Site

I have added a new section to the site. The Talk About Music section is a place for you to voice your ideas and opinions about music related topics. Please check out the Talk About Music section of the site today!

We present some music for your listening pleasure

I will be adding some music to this site and I invite bands and musicians to submit music for this site. I will put up a player that will minimize to the status bar but continue to play until all the songs are played or it is physically closed. It will continue to play even when your fans surf off site, so they can stop by and start the music player and then surf on or play games while listening to your music. The player has a window for album art or artist's picture and clicking on the picture can link to a website or myspace page. I set the player up normally as a streaming player that does not support the downloading of the music, but there is a simple switch if you wish to allow downloading of your material.  You may submit music or inquire about the service at: submit@audioartmusicplayer.com  


This is a sample of the player and how the service works from a playback standpoint. 

The music in this player is from the band Alize. They are an Orlando, Florida based Reggae band. This music was recorded live directly to CD at the Sebastian Beach Inn last year. The post production on this music consisted of taking the banter with the crowd between songs out of the original recording, and separating the music into tracks. Click the Play Ball to hear the music. This player can also be seen as a part of the sample site at HeresOurSite,  a website offering free websites.

I have other players on one of my other sites that I am making available here on the live recordings page.

Download 25 FREE songs at eMusic.com!

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